Salary Transparency Enhancement

Salary Transparency Enhancement


As the pay transparency movement continues to gain momentum, there are new compensation-related considerations when trying to attract top talent and provide a fair and equitable work environment. A recent study found that 53% of surveyed workers would not apply for a job if it did not contain a salary range in the job posting.


More recently, Job boards have started making Salary an available field as part of the job postings. If this information is not provided, some of the job boards have started displaying average market data which may not be reflective of what our customers might want to display in their postings.

Product Changes

New Salary Fields

We have created 4 new standard fields for Salary data on the Requisition entity.

  • Salary Min
    • If customers would like to submit only one salary value instead of a range, they will use Salary Min only.
  • Salary Max
    • Salary Max must be larger than Salary Min. If this condition is not met, we will not put the salary info into any Job Board feeds.
  • Salary Frequency
    • Valid Values
      • Annually
      • Monthly
      • Weekly
      • Daily
      • Hourly
  • Salary Currency
    • All Jobvite existing currencies are supported for this field, but we will only send salary to specific Job Board feeds for the currencies they support. (see detail below)


Salary Min, Salary Currency and Salary Frequency are the minimum requirements for a salary information to be added to Job Board feeds.


Job Feed Enhancements

We will initially share this updated salary information in our Job Feeds, in compliance with their data model.

  • Indeed
    • Indeed accepts a single value for salary, so we will be using the following transformation from our fields to their single field.
      • Indeed Salary = <Salary Currency><Salary Min> + “ - “ + <Salary Currency><Salary Max> + <Period Transformation>
      • Period Transformation              
        • Annually = “ per year”
        • Monthly = “ per month”
        • Weekly = “ per week”
        • Daily = “ per day”
        • Hourly = “ per hour”
    • Indeed only accepts the currencies below, so salary information will only be sent to Indeed when the Salary currency is supported by Indeed.
      • Australian dollars
        • AUD
        • $
      • Canadian dollars
        • CAD
        • $
      • Euros
        • EUR
      • Great Britain Pounds
        • GBP
        • £
      • US dollars
        • USD
        • $
      • Japanese Yen
        • JPY


  • ZipRecruiter
    • ZipRecruiter accepts 4 salary fields, which line up with our new 4 fields
      • <compensation_interval> = Salary Frequency
      • <compensation_min> = Salary Min
      • <compensation_max> = Salary Max
      • <compensation_currency> = Salary Currency
    • ZipRecruiter only accepts 3 currencies. For currencies outside of these, salary information will not be sent to ZipRecruiter
      • US dollars
        • USC
      • Canadian dollars
        • CAD
      • Australian dollars
        • AUD
  • Standard XML feed
    • We will add the 4 new fields to our standard XML feed with any Jobvite-supported currency

How to Implement new Salary fields

To utilize the new salary fields, customers will need to add the 4 new standard fields to their Requisition forms or templates. Once they are filled in, we will put them in Job Boards feeds per the rules outlined above.


Adding Salary fields to a Requisition Template

  1. Navigate to the desired Requisition Template.
    • Admin -> ATS -> Requisition Templates -> Select template to be updated
  2. Expand ‘Details’ in the Available Requisition Fields to see the 4 new salary fields.




  1. Drag the fields over to the desired location within the Requisition Template. Set additional security as desired using ‘Modify Role Access’.



  1. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the updated Requisition Template.



Q: What if I have created custom fields with Salary details already?

A: Many customers have created their own custom fields to hold salary information during the time that we did not have these as standard fields. They can start using the new standard fields right away to send to Job Boards, but if they want their historical and new data to live in the same field, they may need a services project to convert their older salary data into the new salary fields.


Q: Will these Jobvite ATS salary details be included in my Evolve RM Job Broadcast?

A: At this time, no. These new ATS fields are not sent over to Evolve RM, so salary fields in Evolve RM will continue to exist separately of the salary fields in Jobvite ATS. There will be no impacts to data included in Job Broadcast today.

Note: If you are using custom salary fields in Jobvite ATS that are being used in Evolve RM, continue using those fields until the new ATS standard salary fields are also available in RM.


Q: Can I make these fields conditionally required based on job location?

A: These are either Required or optional based on the Requisition Template. For example, if you want to require them for all jobs in California, you could create a requisition template for California jobs that has Salary fields as Required.


Q: Will these salary fields be included in my career site by default?

A: The Jobvite ATS career site template will be updated soon to include these fields. For a customer who has purchased a standard career website solution, the salary fields will be added by default when the template is updated. For customized Jobvite ATS Career sites, these fields will need to be manually added. Career Website changes can be requested via your Account Manager.



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