Evolve Recruitment Marketing (formerly known as Talemetry) – Missing Data


We have identified an issue affecting Source Activity Reports from Career Sites and/or Job Broadcast.


  • We have received some traffic data since March 9, 2024, but it’s worth noting that not all of it is accurate.
  • New visitor sessions are not fully populating data into the Source Tracking reports.
  • As a result, the accuracy of source tracking March and April will be compromised until this issue is resolved.


There is no workaround for this issue

Start Date

Problem started March 9 and was discovered on April 16

Target Fix Date

Estimated 2 weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is impacted by this issue?

All customers who utilize Career Sites and/or Job Broadcast are impacted.

This issue could cause metrics to be incorrect due to missing data or counts associated with an unknown source. Metrics in this table include:

  • Key Metrics: Jobs Viewed, Views, Starts, Completes, Hires
  • Others: # of Agency Applys, # of Agency Hires, # of Agency Views, Completes % of Total, Hires % of Total, Hires vs Completes % Starts vs Views %

A few examples of how this may affect your data:

  • The Source Performance Report’s metrics for views, start, completes, and hires may be missing or attributed to an unknown source.
  • The Channel Source Detail Report’s counts for views, starts, completes, and hires may be incorrect and/or the sources (Source Name, BID, Channel) in this report may be attributed to an Unknown Bid incorrectly because the record did not process properly.

2. Will there be a Root Cause Analysis or Postmortem on this issue?

Yes, absolutely. Once the incident has been fully resolved, we will conduct a thorough analysis and create a report. This report will be available to customers upon request.



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