Can I Choose to Broadcast Just my Own Requisitions in Jobvite Publisher?

Summary: You cannot post specifically your own, but can customize your selections.


Publisher does not contain filters or selectors for Hiring Manager or Recruiter, which means you cannot directly choose to broadcast (publish) just "your own" requisitions. However, there are levels of customization available based on the following selectors:

  • Categories
  • Locations
  • Subsidiaries


The default settings are to share/publish jobs from all Categories, Locations, and/or Subsidiaries of your organization, but if you select "Customize" in any area, you will see the possible selections within that area, and you can select 1 or more items within each list. 


Note: You may elect to specify certain items in these selection areas to promote the requisitions you have the most interest in filling (such as your own) or based on the idea of what type of open positions would most likely be of interest to those to whom you are connected on LinkedIn or Twitter.    

If you have a specific type or category of jobs in Admin, you can select all or specific ones to broadcast.


If you have any subsidiaries, you can also broadcast their jobs on their behalf. You can choose specific subsidiaries or Select All to choose all of them.


You can also specify which job locations (or All) you would like to broadcast. You can choose specific Locations or Select All to choose all of them.


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