How do I Add a Candidate's Resume to an Interview Invitation?

Summary: This can be achieved with a setting in Interview Types within Admin. 


Allowed by system setting, there is a quick and easy way to automatically attach a candidate's resume to an interview invitation.

Note: Due to GDPR regulations, you may decide that you do not want to circulate candidate resumes outside the Jobvite system.  If so, you may want to disable the sending of resumes in interview invitation messages, and/or simply not take measures to add the candidate resume to interview invitation messages. 

Further, there is a setting to prevent any resumes being sent via email out of Jobvite, in Admin > Communications > Communication Settings >Include resume content in emails(see below).  If disabled, no resume will be sent out of Jobvite via email.


Interview Types Settings
Navigate to More > Admin > Interview Types and select the specific interview type.

In the top box, click Edit. Here is where you can adjust the settings of this specific interview type (see image below).


Find Include Resume as an attachment on the list of items and click the checkbox next to Yes.
Click Save once you have finished.

Note: This setting requires the Administrator role, since it can only be accessed in Admin.

The Interview Invitation
Once the setting has been saved, move a candidate into that particular interview type via the workflow.

After you schedule the interview and come to the interviewer invitation, you will see a checkbox with Candidate resume next to it. This is indicating that the resume will be attached to the message you will send to your interview team.

Note: The sending of the resume using this technique is contingent upon the resume being present in the candidate's profile. In cases where it is not, but is available elsewhere, you can use the Upload function to browse and attach the candidate resume to the interview invitation.


Note: If you do not want the resume attached, just uncheck the box next to Candidate resume.

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