Why Can't I See Fields From my Application Page in the Candidate Form?

Summary: A simple configuration of your custom fields is needed.


In order to capture the same fields from your apply page in the candidate profile, you will need to configure your custom fields properly.

Note: Only those with the Administrator role have access to configure custom fields.

First, you will need to add a new or existing custom field to the Apply tab in Custom Fields. This means this field will appear on the apply page when an applicant is filling out their information. 

Note: Besides the Default Apply form available for review and editing here (in Custom Fields), Administrators may create and edit additional apply forms to gather differing information from applicants, perhaps based on job type, country, or other factors (in Admin > Career Site > Apply Forms).   

(For the examples below, we will use the existing custom field Technical Skills).


Next, once you've added the custom field, navigate to the Candidate tab in custom fields. From the Available Fields panel on the left, expand Custom and add the same field again.


Finally, the resulting configuration will now appear in all candidate's profiles moving forward.
Navigate to the candidate's profile, and under Application Details you will see the field you added.



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