How Do I Reorder my Tabs in the Candidate Profile?

Summary: With a simple drag and drop in the candidate profile.


The order of tabs in the candidate profile is configurable to whatever fits best for your personal use.  In addition to their proximity to each other, another consideration is that the tab that you choose to appear to the far left is the one that will automatically display when you first open a candidate profile. 

To reorder the tabs, click into a candidate's profile, and click the Settings icon (gear symbol) to the right (pictured below).


Next, drag and drop any/each tab to wherever you'd like it to be.


Click the checkmark to save your changes once the tab is in the desired order.

Tip: For Recruiters, the Application tab may be the tab you would like to see first when clicking into a candidate's profile since it contains the resume. It may be the Workflow tab for a Scheduler, so you can quickly schedule the interview for the interview team.

To reorder your tabs, navigate to the interactive help sequence Reorder Your Tabs to make the desired changes now.

Note: Administrators may choose to enable this feature or keep it turned off.  If you do not have the gear symbol as shown above, this feature is not enabled in your system.  To enable this feature, Administrators can navigate to Admin > ATS> Candidate Settings and select Enabled for Allow reordering of the tab on the candidate details page


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