Why Can't I Find a Candidate When Searching for Them?

Summary: The most common reason tends to be Active Filters in place preventing the candidate from being seen.


If you are searching for a candidate that you know is in your system and they are not showing up in the search results, there may be filtering criteria in place that the candidate does not meet.

For the example below, say you are searching for a candidate, Zach, who you know to be in your system. However, when searching, he does not appear. If this is the case for you, check to see if Within Active Filters is checked. This means that the search will only be performed using any search filters currently in place.


To search your entire system, without using any search filters, uncheck Within Active Filters. Now the search is looking at your database as a whole instead of only within specific search criteria. In the screenshot below, we removed Within Active Filters and our candidate Zach populated in the type ahead suggested results.


If you typed in Zach's name and hit Search or pressed enter, you would see No results found. However, you can easily remove any unwanted filters in place by clicking the X in the Active Filters section. This will then automatically rerun the search and Zach will appear as expected.


Note: There are several other reasons why you may not be able to find a candidate when searching:

  • A common scenario for not being able to find a candidate is that you're filtering your search by All Active statuses. This won't pick up candidates who are Hired or Rejected. Removing this filter will search all statuses.
  • The candidate may have been deleted by a Super User on your team. You can reach out to Jobvite support to have the candidate restored.
  • If you are a Hiring Manager and you are unable to find a candidate, it may be because you are trying to view a candidate who is not associated with any of your requisitions.

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