How do I Close a Requisition?

Summary: There are several ways to do so on an elective/manual basis, as well as a feature to automate a closure date (Auto Transition Requisitions).


Those with the Administrator, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Human Resources, and Super User roles are able to close requisitions.

There are 3 main ways to close a requisition:

  • From the Requisition details - by clicking Close(closing a requisitions without hires)
  • Moving the candidate into them Offer Accepted(or your "hired") state
  • Selecting a new hire to a requisition- (By a Super User)

From the Requisition Details
The most straightforward way to close a requisition is via the action buttons in the requisition details. This process is if you're closing the requisitions without any hires being made.

Click into the requisition, and in the action buttons above the tabs, click Close.


Clicking Close will then bring up the Close Requisitions [Requisitions Name]page.
Next, check the Close This Requisition box. Doing so will remove the requisitions from externally published channels (career site, social media networks, etc.) and it will no longer be active in your system.


Click Close to close the requisition.

Moving the Candidate Into the Offer Accepted (or your "Hired") State
If you're going to make a hire on a requisition, then you can close the requisition by moving the candidate into your 'Hired' state (which is defaulted in Jobvite's system).

From the candidate's profile, click the Workflow Step drop-down and select Offer Accepted (or simply select it in the status change bar, if presented there).


Once placed into this workflow step, you will be taken to the Add Hires to [Requisition Name]page. After filling out the hiring information for the candidate, check the Close This Requisition box at the bottom to close the requisition.


Click Save to complete the hire, and close the requisition.

Selecting a Hire for a Requisition (Super Users Only)
The ability to select Hires from the Requisition (as seen in the following screenshots) is only available to those with the Super User role and is meant to be used in cases where there are multiple hires being made all at the same time for a multi-head count requisition. 

In the requisition details, click the action button Select Hires to be taken to the Add Hires to [Requisition Name] page.


From this page, you can then choose to Select Applicant or Select Employee in the Hire section.


Once the hire or employee is selected, check the Close This Requisition box at the bottom. To complete the hire and close the requisition, click Save.

Note: The Auto Transition Requisitions feature can automate the closure of an Open requisition on a pre-selected date.  This feature may be useful for those who have labor agreements that call for certain limits on posting dates, and/or for those who are high-volume recruiters and who have an ample candidate sample after a limited amount of posting dates.

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