How do I Filter a Candidate's Feed to Only Show Specific Types of Information?

Summary: Use the Filter drop down in the Feed tab.


If you would like to see specific application activity or hiring team communication for a candidate, you can filter the Feed tab for specific information such as Notes, Evaluations and Application Shares.

Navigate to a candidate's profile, and into the Feed tab. Underneath the Feed tab, click the Filters drop down.

Here you can see all the information the Feed tab captures. Check the box next to one (or more) of the drop down options, and the Feed tab will then only display the selected information.


To remove a filter, either uncheck your selected criteria, or simply navigate away from the Feed tab.

Note: Those who have an integration with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC)will have 2 additional categories of information that can be viewed (and filtered in the Feed tab: LinkedIn InMail and LinkedIn Notes (see below).  


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