Why am I (or Members of the Hiring Team) Not Getting an Email as Soon as a New Candidate Applies?

Summary : There are several potential settings to double-check if you are not receiving desired notifications.


If a new candidate applies to one of your requisitions but you do not receive an email, there are several settings in Jobvite to check:

  • Email Preferences(My Account > Preferences)
  • Admin > Communication Settings-(New Candidate Notification to Recruiters (and/or Hiring Managers)
  • Admin > Communication Settings -(Candidate form submit notification)
  • Admin > Communication Settings -(General Application notifications)

Email Preferences
You may have your email notifications set incorrectly. If you are hoping to to receive emails the moment someone applies to one of your jobs, you can set this up.

Hover over your initials icon in the upper right portion of the Main Menu bar, and select My Account from the drop-down menu. Next, click Preferences to be taken to your Jobvite Email Preferences.


  • If you have it set to Daily Digest, you will receive an email at the end of the day with a summary of activity (such as new applicants).
  • If you have it set to Instant Emails, this will send you an email notification the moment a new candidate has applied.
  • If you have it set to Do Not Send, you will not receive any email notification at all.

Note: These settings are unique to your account. They will not affect those on your hiring team or anyone else at your company.

Communication Settings- New Candidate Notification to Recruiters or Hiring Managers
There is an admin setting that allows (or disallows) Recruiters or Hiring Managers to receive notifications every time a candidate applies to one of their requisitions.

To enable, go to More > Admin > Communications > Communication Settings.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit.


In these sections, you can determine if Recruiters and/or Hiring Managers will be able to receive notifications each time a candidate applies to one of their requisitions.

Simply check the Enabled radio button, and click Save at the bottom of the page to complete the change.

Note: As it states in this specific section for Hiring Managers, if your Recruiters typically screen candidates before sending them through to Hiring Managers, you can leave the Hiring Manager setting on Disabled.

Also Note: The admin setting of Disabled takes precedence over the individual settings in My Account.  In other words, if the notifications are disabled in Admin, individual users - Recruiters and Hiring Managers - will not receive new candidate notifications, even if they have their individual settings set to Daily Digest or Instant.  On the other hand, if Enabled in Admin, individual users can still elect the Do Not Send option in their My Account settings, and they will not receive notifications. 

Communication Settings - Candidate form submit notification
This setting, as mentioned in the screenshot (below), lets the Administrator control whether Recruiters or Hiring Managers receive a notification when a candidate submits an employment application form (or any other form) for one of their requisitions.

To enable, go to More > Admin > Communications > View Communication Settings.  Then scroll to the bottom and click Edit.


Click Enabled to turn on the setting, and check the appropriate box(es) next to Recruiter and Hiring Manager.  Once finished, scroll down to the bottom and click Save to complete the change.

Communication Settings - General Application Notifications
If you would like any of your team members to receive notifications when a candidate applies to the Gen App, then you can select specific team members to receive these notifications - even though the selected team members may not be specifically associated with the Gen App.

To enable, go to More > Admin > Communications > View Communication Settings.
Next, at the bottom of the page, click Edit.


Check the Enabled radio button to activate the setting, and in the Employees Notified, select the team members you would like to receive the notification(s).  Once finished, scroll back down and click Save to complete the change. The team members named here will need to have their new candidate notifications set to Daily Digest or Instant in their My Account Preferences in order to receive these new Gen App candidate notifications.

Note: Best practice is to name between 2 and 5 team members to receive these notifications, so the team is large enough to share the responsibility, but not so large that no particular member takes ownership.  They might divide and conquer based on location, applicant skill set, or other logical points of distinction between applicants.

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