Where do I Find Answers to a Candidate's Pre-Screening Questions?

Summary: Right from within the candidate profile (in the Application tab).


Note: In addition to the information shown below regarding pre-screen responses within the candidate profile, pre-screen responses can be mapped to fields in a candidate's profile (either standard or custom fields that you create).  Further, candidate fields can be mapped to the Candidates Search filters list, thus allowing pre-screen responses to be searchable on the Candidates list page.  

A candidate's pre-screening forms can be found right within their profile.

Note: If you would like interview team members who are not Hiring Managers or Recruiters to be able to view candidate pre-screening forms, enable Allow Interviewers to view Candidate Screening forms in Admin > ATS > Candidate Settings.


To access a candidate's pre-screening answers, navigate to the candidate's profile and select the Application tab.

On the left-hand side, select the Forms sub-tab. Expand the Screening Questions drop-down to view the candidate's form answers.


Note: Other forms a candidate completes can be found in this Forms tab, such as the Employment Application.

Note: Pre-Screen responses can be mapped to fields in a Candidate's Profile (either standard or custom fields that you create). 

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