Why Isn't My Requisition Showing up on my Career Site?

Summary: Make sure your requisition is Open and External.

If you have a requisition that is not appearing on your career site, there are a few things you can do to ensure it's set up properly to display on your site.

Requisition Posting Options
When creating a new requisition, or editing an existing one, click into the Details tab in the specific requisition. Under the Requisition Posting Options, make sure that Everyone (External)under Posting Type is selected. This setting ensures that the requisition will be posted and shared externally (not limited to employees or specific roles).

You will also need to select Career Sites (External and Internal) under Posting Options. Checking this setting posts the requisition on your external and internal careers sites.

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Requisition Status
Another reason might be that you have made an edit to the requisition - which places it into Draft status. In order for a requisition to show on your career site, its status needs to be Open.

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