How to Add a New Field to an Existing Standard Report?

Summary: There are a number of reasons why you may need to add a new field to a standard report. Below outlines those steps. 


There may be any number of occasions where you would like to add a field to an existing standard report.  It's quick and easy to do so.  Just follow the several steps outlined below.

Navigate to the report that you want to edit (ex .Candidates). Click the ellipsis when you hover over the report title and select Copy.


Give your Look a new name and select the location you want to save to. Using your personal folder is recommended until you’re ready to share your Look or Dashboard with others. Add a Description and then click Copy.


From your My Reports page, click into your copied report. Then click Edit in the upper right corner.


Hover over the Look you want to add a column to and select the Edit pencil icon.


The Edit Look dialogue box will appear. In the left pane, locate the table and field you want to add to your Look. Select your field, and it will then appear as a column in the Data results preview area. (likely at the end of the table) You can click and drag your field left or right to move it within the table. Once you click Run, the new field will show in the Visualization part of the screen, which previews how your edited look will appear when completed.


Depending on which Visualization options you’ve chosen, you may have additional options to rename or format the way the new column looks. For example, within the Table visualization you can change the text formatting, alignment, color, or label of your new column via the Series menu under the toolbar in the top right of the Table.



When you are done editing your Look, click Save, and then when done editing the dashboard, click Done Editing. Your updated Look will now appear on your copied dashboard, and it will also now be available to be added to any other dashboards.

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