Publisher Quick Start Guide

Summary: Publisher is available to all users and can be easily set up to share open jobs on LinkedIn and/or Twitter


To Enable Publisher

Login to Jobvite - Click on the Profile icon located on the right side of the navigation bar - Select My Account - From within your Personal Profile page, select Publisher from the left side navigation - Click on the Enable button, scroll to the bottom of page, and click on Save Use Publisher to automatically broadcast your jobs across social media sites!

What do I do once Publisher is enabled?

 If you'd like to automatically publish new jobs to LinkedIn and/or Twitter, go to My Account > Publisher.  All employees have this option. 

Schedule both networks on the same schedule or you can do them differently.  For instance, you could tweet 5 jobs a day but perhaps you only want to post one job a day to your LinkedIn feed. Select the maximum number of jobs you want to post in a given time frame and how often you want to repeat posting the same job at any point where Publisher may run out of new jobs to post to that source.  
For instance, if you post 5 jobs per day to Twitter and repeat weekly, we'll post 5 jobs to Twitter every day (spread throughout the day) and repeat specific jobs as soon as 1 week after their first appearance, if there are no other new jobs to post that fit your selection criteria (locations and/or categories).You may choose to publish only jobs in certain locations and categories.  
For instance, you may choose to publish jobs in New York and Philadelphia in both the sales and marketing categories
How are the jobs selected?

Random and dependent on filters the users have set if any (categories/locations)

When does Jobvite update the statuses?

There is an algorithm applied to prevent the perception of spamming, so they're timed over the course of the day. The algorithm is time selected/# of Jobs selected, once all the jobs are published wait for repeat time before cycling through the jobs again.

How long will one job be listed on the status?

Statuses don't expire unless replaced with another post from Publisher or another user initiated a post. If a user chooses 5 jobs per day, the status is updated with a new job roughly every 4.8 hrs (24 hours / 5 = 4.8 hrs) during a day.

Additional Information:

Any time you set up Publisher or make changes, it takes approximately 24 hours to go into effect.

You must connect to any social network you want to publish jobs to, by going to My Account > Authorized Apps.  For security purposes, connections expire every 60 days.  You will receive a notification email from Jobvite when you need to re-authorize your connection to LinkedIn or Twitter.

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