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The Billboards feature in Jobvite enables Administrators to communicate key hiring strategy information with all of your Jobvite users.  


The Billboard Widget is one of the default widgets that appear on everyone's Dashboard (Home) page, even those who have just the Employee role.  Therefore, you might use a Billboard message to communicate regarding your Employee Referral Program, key positions that you would like your team to share (with Jobvites), your current hiring campaign or hiring challenges, or any other message you deem as appropriate.

Any new Billboard message you enter in Jobvite is scheduled to expire after a 2-week period; however, you can select any expiration date you would like to, and you can enter and publish a new message any time as well.  It's a quick and easy process to enter a new Billboard message!

You need to have the Administrator Role in Jobvite to add a new Billboard message.  To do so:

 - Go to Admin > Configurations > View Billboards
 - Click New Message (or Edit message if a Billboard is already posted)
 - Enter a Title (Headline)
 - Enter a Message (up to 1,000 characters)
 - Note that you may select from several Templates to get you started - they are fully editable in the Message and Title fields
 - Accept the default Expires date or click on the Select link to choose a different date
 - If desired, click the Preview button
 - Click Publish


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