Free Job Board Distribution

There are a number of free job board options in Jobvite, which can be enabled for all active/external jobs by a user with the Administrator role.

To enable free job board distribution:

 - Go to More > Admin > Integrations > View Job Boards
 - Click Edit
 - Click Enabled
 - Select your desired job boards
 - Click Save

View the current list of available job boards below, which include Indeed, Glassdoor, Jobvite Twitter Channels, Lensa, and LinkedIn Limited Listing.  

Note: With Indeed enabled here, there is also an option to integrate with Indeed Apply, for those who have a Recruiter Admin Account with Indeed. To learn more, see: Integrating with Indeed Apply - Quick Start Guide


Note: When you enable any of these boards, Jobvite will in turn generate an automated XML feed every 6 hours to the board that contains all of your active, external requisitions.  Due to the timing (interval and time of day), some time may elapse before any newly created requisitions appear on the respective job boards

Further, each of these vendors posts these job feeds at their discretion - and on their own timetable.  For example, Indeed has posting standards they enforce on all jobs - please see Indeed Job Posting Guidelines for more details. And, LinkedIn has provisions for boosting certain industries in their search results (see below):


Location Information
If you use the multiple locations function in Jobvite, a separate line item (posting) will be created for each location listed in the requisition, so job seekers will be able to find the opportunity no matter what location they are searching under.  Because each posting will link job seekers back to the CWS version of the requisition, all candidates (as intended), will be gathered into a single candidate pool.

If you are open to hiring remote employees, you may want to create Remote locations in Jobvite that cite a city, state, or province, so you can include those locations in the requisition, and therefore job seekers will see the opportunity for remote work as well.  

Important Note: If you believe your active jobs are not appearing on a particular site when they should be, please contact that vendor directly to discuss your situation or concerns.   

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