How Do I Add a New Location?

Locations in Jobvite are essential when it comes to creating requisitions. You can then search and report on requisitions in specific locations for your hiring needs.

Locations are split into 3 sub-categories:

  • Regions - Geographical areas like APAC, EMEA, etc
  • Offices - Locations (typically cities) in which you have offices
  • MeetingRooms - The specific conference rooms in the Offices you have - which you can use to schedule interviews

To make changes or additions to any of these options, navigate to More > Admin > Configurations > Locations.



Regions are the geographical areas which contain your Offices. For example, EMEA may contain your offices in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. Regions are not required in order for you to add Offices and Meeting Rooms; they serve as organizational elements for reporting purposes and are particularly useful when you have a large number of offices. 

Note: An Office can be listed in more than 1 Region, if desired.


Offices are (typically) the cities in which you have locations. For example, if a Region is EMEA, then your Offices may be London, Paris and Berlin.  Offices are the essential building blocks of your org structure in Jobvite, providing the list of options in the Locations field in Requisitions, all of the related Location fields (such as Preferred Location and Hire Location in your Apply, Offer, and Hire forms).


Using the Edit (pencil)icon or selecting Add Office Location will bring up the new office form where you can add the relevant information based on its location.


  1. Give the Name of the Office (usually the name of the city)
  2. Remote Location - You would check this box if the Office is going to be Remote. Once checked, you will no longer require to add a city or zip code. This will also be posted as Remote on job boards, as well.  Note: LinkedIn does not allow Remote locations for posting; when posting and purchasing a job slot, they require a geographic location.  When creating Remote requisitions that you wish to post to LinkedIn, your team should include at least one physical Location and mention the possibility of working Remote in the Job Description field.    
  3. Address - The physical/mailing address of the particular Office
  4. Timezone -The Office's timezone
  5. Language - If you have activated any Language Packs in Jobvite, you will have the option here to select the default language for this Office. 
  6. *Date & Time Format - Choose the correct/preferred Date & Time format for the location of the Office. For example, in London, the date format would be Day/Month/Year. 
  7. Region (drawing info from Regions tab) - This is where you add the appropriate Region where the Office is located (optional)
  8. Meeting Rooms -The number of Meeting Rooms attached to this Office. Clicking the number (once you have created associated rooms) will take you to a list of this Office's Meeting Rooms.
  9. Active Location - Checking this will make the Location 'Active', meaning it can be selected when creating a new requisition.

*Note: Date & Time formats are important to choose correctly, because when creating offer letters with placeholders, the values of those placeholders will be pulled from these fields.  If no values are added here, then the placeholder values will reflect what is listed in your overall Company settings (see Admin > Configurations > Regional Settings).

Once all the information needed is inserted, click Save.

Meeting Rooms
Meeting Rooms are the specific conference rooms in your Offices, which you can then use when scheduling interviews. Much like the interview team, the Meeting Rooms' Free/Busy will be shown.


To add a new meeting room, click Add Meeting Room in the upper right.
Give the room the appropriate name, and add the email address in the Email field (
the room must have a valid, unique email address).



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