Smart Scheduler User Guide and Training

Learn how to set up and use Smart Scheduler for scheduling interviews.

Note: For those using Google Calendar integration for Smart Scheduler, only those who are scheduling interviews (not all those who are invited to interviews) need to authorize Google Calendar in My Account > Authorize Apps

For those who are going to participate as interviewers, they need to make sure that their Google calendar is marked as Public (in Google), so their free/busy time can be checked by the Jobvite system. 

Note: If you are using SSO and Smart Scheduler/Exchange API, you must make sure that the ADMIN account setup for the Exchange Service is not federated through your SSO client. If you are using Outlook 365, you can test this by going to the Outlook web login portal and entering the email address you are using for your Exchange account. If you are redirected to an SSO login, then you know the user you are trying to use is a part of the SSO.

If your Admin account set up IS federated through your SSO client, Smart Scheduler will not work properly. To remedy this, you would need to remove the email used from your SSO client.

If you are using the software version of Outlook, you will want to verify with their IT team, and make sure that the Exchange credentials are not attached to the SSO in any way.

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