Using LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

The attached document provides an overview of Jobvite LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect and instructions on how recruiters can connect their Jobvite account with their LinkedIn Recruiter account.  LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect is a new enhanced integration that replaces LinkedIn Cross System Awareness.

This integration allows you to do the following:
  • View a more complete LinkedIn Profile for a Candidate in Jobvite
  • Automatically create a new Jobvite Contact from a LinkedIn profile
  • Automatically create a new Jobvite Candidate from a consented LinkedIn InMail
  • View your Linkedin Recruiter InMails and Notes related to a Candidate in Jobvite (*See Note below)
  • View Jobvite Candidate application status and notes in LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Conduct a Unified Search of both Jobvite and LinkedIn profiles in the Candidates search section of Jobvite (*In Early Access Only)
  • Recommended Matches (of LinkedIn users) for requisitions in Jobvite (*In Early Access Only)
Note: LinkedIn is making some improvements to their Recruiter Product and APIs to make them more compliant and efficient:
  • Updates to LinkedIn Recruiter Notes to Respect Privacy Settings
  • More Timely and Reliable Notifications of Notes Deletion
  • Upcoming Enhancements: Leverage Updated RSC Profile Widget

In preparation for the upcoming enhancements to the Profile Widget, LinkedIn has asked vendors to stop syncing Notes so that we completely rely on the new widget when it’s released.  Therefore, beginning Friday, July 31st, Jobvite will no longer sync Notes as part of the Recruiter System Connect (RSC) Integration.

We will notify customers when the new profile widget is available.  

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