How do I Edit or Update my Company Profile in Jobvite?

Summary: The Company Profile contains information about your company for your mobile career site, as well as logos for email communications and for job posting to social networks.


In Jobvite, you are able to add company information for your mobile career site as well as a company logo for emails and when you publish jobs in various outlets.

Note: Company Name (including subsidiaries) can be viewed or maintained here, but should only be changed or updated with the assistance of Jobvite Support. Please see Adding a Subsidiary to Jobvite / Evolve ATS  for more details about adding subsidiaries. You also can view your company's career site URL on this page. 

Company Information
Navigate to Admin > Configurations > Company Profile.
To update or edit your Company Information, click Edit.
Next, add or change any appropriate text to the box, and click Save.


This Company Information will appear in the About tab on your company's mobile career site when job seekers are searching for jobs and want to learn more about your company.


Company Logos
Add your company logo in Jobvite so it appears in your email communications, and/or when publishing jobs using Jobvite Publisher.

To add a company logo (while still in the Company Profile section of Admin):

  • Click Edit below the Company Information section.
  • Next, under Email Communications Logo, click Upload File (or use the drag and drop option)
  • Find the appropriate image (note the size recommendations)
  • Repeat as needed/desired for Social Media and Twitter logo options.  Note: For proper display of your logo on LinkedIn posts via Publisher, use an aspect ratio of 1.91:1  (1.91 to 1) for your Social Media Logo.
  • Click Save once you have uploaded your image files2023-06-28_10-22-51.png

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