How Do I Add Requisition Categories to Jobvite?

It is easy to add or maintain your requisition Categories in Jobvite by going to Admin > Configurations > Categories


As indicated in the text above, Categories are one of the key metrics used by job seekers to search for jobs of interest to them on both your career site and 3rd party job boards. 

Because they are outwardly focused, you should use standard category names that are generally used and understood by the recruiting industry and job seekers, so your jobs are easily found by those who have a legitimate interest in them. 


When you click on Add Category, you will be provided with a simple text box to enter your new Category name.  When you click Save, your new Category will be added in proper alphabetical order to your existing list. 

You can also edit an existing Category name by using the Pencil icon, or delete a category name (using the Trash Can icon) if it is not in use within any requisition.

The Category list you create here in Admin populates the Category field drop-down menu within Add or Edit Requisitions, in real-time.



Please note: If you have field mapping for categories you will also need to update your field mapping to include any new categories What is Field Mapping?


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