Jobvite Department Import Process

Use Case: Import Department Data from your HRIS/HCM into Jobvite Admin Department. This would enable the Recruiters to use these Departments while creating Requisitions.

Department Import Process (How it Works)

  1. Customer generates Changes only CSV File to match with File Specs
  2. Customer drops the file in Jobvite SFTP “inbound” folder every day
  3. Jobvite Process will pick the file and start the processing
    • NEW, Records will be imported as a NEW Department.
    • UPDATE, Department records will be UPDATED with new information from the file.
    • DELETE, it is treated as inactivation.
      • If a Department is attached to an Open Requisition then Inactivation is not possible.
  5. Jobvite Process will generate a result file with success and failure details
  6. Result file will be dropped to the Jobvite SFTP “outbound” folder

Key Points to Consider:

  1. CHANGES only file
    • No Full Files
  2. Single file with all actions OR a Separate file for each action is acceptable.
  3. If the delimiter is part of the data, escape properly with DOUBLEQUOTES.
  4. Send ALL fields in the file layout as in the mapping document
    • If you don’t have value for some fields - Send blank values in those columns.
    • Will be useful in the future if you want to send value in an unused field without modification by Jobvite
  5. For every input file, a result file is generated and dropped back into the SFTP outbound folder.
  6. Dropping the result file in SFTP indicates import process is completed in Jobvite.
    • There is no processing status email notification from Jobvite to the customer
  7. The process DOES NOT fail the whole file if few records have error(s)
    • It processes all the records and sends an error report.

Note: Customer should have the INPUT FILE and RESULTS FILE in an accessible place internally.  This would help in easy troubleshooting for customers when issues arise.

Important Note: Review the result files every day for failures.


  1. What happens if the DELETE sent to Jobvite errors out? The DELETE record doesn’t get sent the next day in the file.
    1. 2 options
      1. Manually DELETE the record in Jobvite
      2. Update your HCM/HRIS based on the result file and make sure the record is sent back the next day as DELETE
  2. What happens if the NEW record sent failed to create in Jobvite
    1. 2 options
      1. Check the result file for error and fix the HRIS system and mark for resend
      2. Create the record in Jobvite manually
  3. Can we send Full files?
    1. No. You always send Delta File with TRANSACTIONTYPE as NEW/UPDATE/DELETE.
    2. This keeps the integration simple and easily manageable in the long run
    3. This would also eliminate accidental deletion due to data transmission corruption
  4. If we add data manually via UI, will it be affected by the integration
    1. Manually added users will NOT be touched by the interface, as far as they are NEVER part of the import.
    2. You will be manually managing those manually created records
  5. Does the file gets compared with the data in the Jobvite system?
    1. No comparison is done against the existing value in Jobvite instance.
    2. Import run based on the action column determination.

Next Steps

Action Item Owner
Create SFTP account Jobvite
Generate Import File Customer
Review and Import File Jobvite
Review import results Customer
Go Live Jobvite & Customer

Note: Attached is the blank file template for your use, as well as a sample file for your reference. 

Please note that the correct file naming convention for your import file is:


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