How Can I Add Custom Fields to Records or Pages in Jobvite?

Jobvite Hire

In Jobvite Hire, if there is a field you want to use in Admin > Configurations > Custom Fields that do not yet exist as an active or inactive field, use the Add Custom Field button to create a new field. Select which page or record type you wish the new field to appear in: Requisition and Candidate fields are the primary categories, as Apply, Offer, and Hire pages often reuse fields created for one of these primary areas. Please note if you create a custom requisition field, you will also need to add the field to your requisition templates under the requisition library.  2023-06-26_11-55-18.png


In the edit options for each existing field, notice that baseline fields required for the system's proper functioning can be edited (pencil icon), but not removed.  All other fields can be removed from active use, but the x key does not truly delete the field from the page/form being worked on: it simply makes it inactive in that area.

Other options that can be considered by Administrators include whether or not a field is Required when new records of this type are created, and in the case of the requisition form pictured above, whether or not editing a particular field will require that the requisition go back through a new approval process.

For those who have Role Access enabled, this option allows you to designate which user types in Jobvite (which Roles) have access to view each field and/or edit the contents of the field.  This is a powerful tool to help you hold all of your relevant data in the system, but keep sensitive information such as offer details reserved for just those roles who should have access.

Note: For those who have implemented Custom Roles in Jobvite Hire, any additional (non-default) roles you have created will also appear in the Edit Role Access listing for proper permission settings. Please keep in mind that editing field permissions for read/write access will need to be done at BOTH the field level and within the role permissions. Field access at the role permissions level can be accessed under users - manage roles - click into the role you wish to adjust field access for - click custom fields - adjust read/write access for the desired field - save. 


In the Add New Custom Field popup, you will see the following options:

Name= Display name that will appear for your users

Type= Text, Zip, Multi-line Text, Checkbox*, Radio Button*, Drop-down list*, Number, Phone, Dollar Amount, Date, Employee, Employee (No Default), Hyperlink, Currency

Note: Most of the field types require little or no explanation; however, it is good to know that the difference between Employee and Employee (No Default) is that the simple Employee field will pull the employee name into the field based on who is logged in to the system and completing a page or form that includes the Employee field.  The information can be overridden but will be auto-filled to begin with.  The Employee (No Default) does not have an auto-fill mechanism based on the logged-in user; it has a drop-down menu to select an employee name from the list. 


*Values= Values box will only appear if the Type you select is Checkbox, Radio Button, or Drop-down list. This is where you define the values you want available in these fields. Separate each value with a line (click the Enter button).

Report help = Text you enter here will appear as instructive text if you run a report on this field.

Instructions = Text will appear under a question mark icon next to the field to instruct users

For XML Feed = Check if you want this field to appear in XML feeds (if your company uses XML feeds for career site or API)

Note: If you add a Hyperlink custom field (available only in the Candidates' page), you will be given the opportunity to add Whitelisted Domain Names to your system (see sample screen, below), which can then be used to facilitate calls for information to be populated in candidate records by third party vendors, such as background check or testing vendors.


Number fields can be set to either Automatic or Unformatted (see below).



Jobvite Engage

In Jobvite Engage, you can add custom fields to the Contact record by going to Admin > Engage > Custom Fields.  Any new fields added here will be included at the end of your current Contact page.


Your selections for field types include those pictured below:



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