Candidate Engagement in Talemetry Source&CRM (FAQ)

Q: What is the "Candidate Engagement" feature in Talemetry Source&CRM?

Talemetry has a marketing first approach to Talent Acquisition and the ability to measure, track, and improve engagement is a key concept in marketing. An engagement score assigned to each candidate in the CRM will help to identify which candidates are most likely to respond to specific messages to help drive down time-to-fill. It will also provide predictive measures by looking at engagement across audiences.

The purpose for the Engagement Score is to help companies gauge the level of engagement of their candidate pool and take actions accordingly. The product will help identify where engagement is high and the level of hiring predictability may therefore also be high and it will help identify where engagement is low and may need additional campaigns to create a more engaged talent pool. 

This score will be based on a candidate's browsing metrics, application metrics and email/text engagement. This will allow companies to market to candidates that are actively looking at and talking with their brand. This can dramatically reduce time to fill and hire. As well, companies can gain insights into their overall audience engagement and trends, and learn about recommendations to improve engagement and positive outcomes on call to actions (CTA).

Q: What can users do with Candidate Engagement?

  • When a candidate interacts with a company's recruiting brand, their engagement score increases.
  • Recruiter can see a candidate's engagement on the search results or a candidates list
  • Recruiter can see a candidate's engagement on the candidate's profile
  • When a recruiter hovers over an engagement score, they can see the last engagement date and activity
  • Recruiter can filter by engagement levels (include or exclude different levels or no engagement)
  • Recruiter can filter by engagement activity (include or exclude different activities)

Q: Is this feature included with Source&CRM module? Are there any additional costs?

Any customer with a Source&CRM module can request that this feature be enabled. There are no additional costs.  Please contact your account manager to request activation.

Q: How does this feature work?

  • Actions performed by a candidate create their engagement score. The score is translated into six Engagement Levels (Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, and No Engagement). The Engagement Level is displayed on each candidate’s slug and profile.
  • Hover over the Engagement Level to learn more about the engagement level, including the last activity date and activity
  • Source/CRM users can filter candidates by their engagement level.
  • The Engagement Level filter is available in any Talent module on the list of additional filters. Click + on the Filters panel and add the Engagement Level filter to the panel.
  • Users can select any number of levels from the list of options. The returned results will have any of the selected levels.
  • Filtering can be done by included or excluded values.
  • Users can filter their candidates by the type of engagement activity and the date range of the last activity within that type.
    • The filter is available in any Talent module on the list of additional filters. Click + on the Filters panel and add the Engagement Level filter to the panel.
  • Users can select any number of types from the list of options and search by either ALL or ANY of them. Each option can be set as required or excluded.
  • Optionally, user can filter by the date of the last action of the selected type using the date range slider.

Q: What are the activities that a candidate can do that generate engagement?

The following candidate activities will cause increasing engagement levels:

  • “Email” (included actions: email opened/clicked; job notification email opened/clicked)
  • “SMS” (included actions: clicked link in the text message, reply message sent)
  • “Career Site” (included actions: page viewed, job viewed, jobs searched, job notification created)
  • “Job Application” (included actions: job application started/completed)
  • “Join Talent Network” (included actions: join talent network started/completed)
  • “Consent” (included actions: email consent provided, SMS consent provided)

The following will generate decreasing engagement levels:

  • "Career Site" (included actions: job notification unsubscribe)
  • "Consent” (included actions: email unsubscribe, SMS consent rescinded)

NOTE: repeated activity of the same time in a 24 hour period will have a decreasing impact (roughly 50% per subsequent activity) on the overall candidate engagement

Q: What happens to a candidate's engagement level after time passes?

  • For a candidate that is completely engaged (level Very High), after approximately 6 months of no activity a candidate will have no engagement. 
  • The engagement level score decreases linearly.

Q: When I enable the candidate engagement feature, when are candidate activities gathered?

  • All information required to calculate candidate engagement scores are available on the candidate records as of February 2020.
  • When the feature is enabled, the engagement levels will be shown calculated back to February 2020.


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