Can I Configure the Posting Schedule in Publisher by Social Network?

Summary: Each network - Twitter and LinkedIn - can have separate posting schedules.


Yes, with Jobvite Publisher, you can either schedule all your networks at once, or customize by network.

To adjust the posting schedule for a particular network, navigate to My Account >Publisher.

Next to All Networks, select By Network. You will then see the options that can be set for all (both) networks split into respective scheduling options for LinkedIn and/or Twitter. 


For each network, select the number of jobs to post, how often to post, and how frequently to repeat the posts. 

Note: You also have the option to edit the text that accompanies the job specific information in each status update.  Click Edit Template to enter any custom text to add a personal touch to your posts. 

Click Save at the bottom to keep the changes made.

Note: This will continue to post automatically and in this setup until you manually change it.



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