How do I add an Audience or Lifecycle Filter in Source & CRM?

Summary: Company Administrators can add values for Audience and Lifecycle Filters using these simple steps.


Setting up Audience and Lifecycle in Source & CRM

The Audience & Lifecycle feature empowers companies to nurture and engage priority candidates more effectively.

Companies can now differentiate audience types across key talent, strategic or relationship audiences, each aligned to your recruiting objectives and business goals.
• Create targeted content to reach key audiences across multiple channels
• Build your Talent Pipelines aligned to your critical audiences for current and future openings
• Manage employees through internal mobility and career pathing options
• Re-engage your past employees and contractors for new opportunities

Candidates can be assigned to more than one audience but can only be assigned to a single lifecycle.

Administration and Set-up

A Jobvite Services User must first enable the Audience Feature. Once that is complete, follow the steps below to configure the Audiences and Lifecycles relevant to your organization.

Navigate to Source Admin > Fields & Filters > Standard Fields

Custom Mapping

Each field is provided with a default HRXML node; however, Company Administrators can customize mapping by editing the default HRXML node or adding more HRXML nodes for the same field.

To update the Field Mapping:
1. On the Standard Fields page, click Edit for the field you need to update, Audience or Lifecycle.
2. Update the existing HRXML node or add comma separated nodes
3. Click Update

List Values

Companies can define and update their lists of Audience Types and the Lifecycle States based on their business needs. The following Employment Lifecycle States are configured by default:
• Prospect
• Applicant
• Current Employee
• Past Employee
• Current Contingent
• Past Contingent

No default Audience Type values are provided.

To update the List of Values:
1. On the Standard Fields page, click List Values control
2. Enter the display name to be used on the associated filter, on profiles, and in the actions menus. The display name can be changed if needed.
3. Enter the Candidate XML value. Note the value should not have spaces.
4. Click Add

Company Administrators can archive the values they no longer need. Once archived, the value will not appear on the filter, on profiles, or in the action menus.

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