When Adding a Requisition, How Can I See What Questions are on a Pre-screening Form?

Summary: Only Administrators have the ability to see the questions on a pre-screening form.


If you do not have the Administrator role, you will not be able to view the specific questions on a requisition's pre-screening (aka Pre-Interview) form. You will need to check with your Administrator to see which questions are on the specific form attached to the requisition.


However, you can see the screening form questions after they are completed by a candidate. Navigate to a candidate's profile who completed the screening form, and click into the Application tab. Select the Forms section, and the screening form answers will be visible.


If there is not a screening form available that you believe you should have, your administrator has the capability of adding more forms at any time.  Administrators also have the ability to edit forms that are not connected to active requisitions, to perhaps modify the question set for the next use of that form.

Note: Another key question to that Administrators may answer for recruiting team members is whether or not there are any Advanced Workflow Options assigned to any specific question on a form, or perhaps in association with the overall form score. Advanced Workflow Options include the ability to "knockout" a candidate who does not meet minimal qualifications, or move the candidate to a progressive step based on meeting qualification standards, (such as assigning the workflow step of Submit to Hiring Manager). 

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