How do I Add Offer Letter Templates & Generate Offer Letters?

Offer letter templates are easy to enter and maintain in Jobvite, and there are options for including standard attachments and merge fields to make offer letter generation quick and seamless for end users. 

To learn how you can add/edit offer letters, please view the information printed in this article (below), and view the related training session.  Note: The PowerPoint used in this presentation is attached to the end of this article. 

In order to use the Offer Letter capabilities in Jobvite, Generate Offer Letters needs to be enabled (by a user with the Administrator role).  This can be accomplished by going to More > Admin > Hire > Candidate Settings and selecting to enable Offer Letter Generation.  

Please Note:  Jobvite has a free integration with DocuSign, for those with a Business or Enterprise level DocuSign account.  For complete information about this integration and opportunity for composing offer letters with an e-Signature capability, please see: Getting Started with DocuSign.

An offer letter template is a Word document used when submitting an offer to a candidate. The template should contain placeholders for candidate and requisition information. The Word file used by Jobvite will automatically generate offer letter documents.

How can I upload an Offer letter to Jobvite? You can upload an offer letter like the one attached in the Admin section of Jobvite.

1. Go to Admin > Hire > View Offer Letter Templates

2. Click on Edit next to any existing Offer Letter Templates


3. Click Add New Template then Next to download a sample offer letter template or find placeholders that can be added to your own offer letter template (use .doc or .docx format)


4. Copy the placeholder(s) you want to use in your template and paste them into your offer letter template (the document) 

Note: The text that appears in the offer letter for any placeholder will take on the font characteristics of the character immediately preceding the placeholder, such as font color, size, bold or regular, etc.

5. Click Next to upload your custom offer letter template with placeholders and Preview before uploading


Additional Resources (Attached):

 - A sample offer letter (Template)

 - Step-by-step directions on editing offer letters

 - How to Generate an Offer Letter

Please see the following KB's related to offers:

Adding an offer letter template to offer forms

Native eSignature for Offer Letters Reference Guide (ATS)


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