User Acceptance Testing

Preparing for UAT
The User Acceptance Test provided walks you through the primary day-to-day functionalities of Jobvite. We encourage you to edit the UAT to incorporate steps and guidance specific to your organization to serve as a reference guide for your new and existing Jobvite users. 

Before you get started
Please review the check list below to optimize your UAT experience.

  • Make sure you have received your Jobvite invitation and authenticated your account
  • Have a test resume ready that includes your personal email address (or other e-mail address other than the one in Jobvite)
  • Confirm the calendar integration has been completed to use the Smart Scheduler when scheduling an interview
  • If you have approval chains enabled:
    • Make sure the approvers have accepted their Jobvite invitation and the setting “Enable Approve/Reject via email” is enabled in More> Admin> Configurations> Company Settings
    • Make sure the approvers are ready to approve the test requisitions and/or offers or alternate approvers have been set up for the purposes of UAT
    • Remember that users with the SuperUser role are able to skip the approval process if needed
  • Once you have completed testing you should delete your testing data before going live
    • Delete test candidates first, then delete the test requisitions
    • Make sure to delete the entire record by selecting the Delete Everything option when deleting

Please see the attachment for the complete UAT script. 

Note: Also attached is a UAT Issue Log, which provides a centralized document that the core project team can utilize to document and manage all issues identified by testers during User Acceptance Testing.

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