How can we send an Interview Evaluation Form link to employees without scheduling an interview?

Summary: If your company is not using a scheduling function at all you can follow these steps to set up the ability to send evaluation forms only.


We strongly recommend that you schedule interviews through Jobvite, for the benefit of a unified record regarding your candidate activity and the efforts related to screening them for employment at your organization.  

However, if your company is not using our native scheduling function at all, you can still follow these steps to set up the ability to send evaluation forms (only) to your interview team, without also scheduling the interview through Jobvite:

1. Go to Admin > ATS > Interview Types
2. Select the desired interview type(s), such as Interview, Phone Screen, etc.

3. In the Interview Type section, click Edit

4. Set the Scheduling selection to None
5.Be sure that the Include evaluation link in email to interview team is selected
6. Click Save


To Send
1. Go to the candidate's profile 
2. Click on the Workflow step with the chosen Interview Type (for example, Interview) 
3. Click Schedule

4. Select employee name(s) in the To field
5. Click Send




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