Jobvite Help Center Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Jobvite’s Help Center!

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Navigating Jobvite's Help Center

  2. The Knowledge Base

  3. Accessing Learn at Jobvite

  4. How to Submit a Support Ticket

Navigating Jobvite’s Help Center

First, let’s get to the Help Center. When you are logged into Jobvite, click the graduation cap icon in the upper right-hand corner to open the Resource Center. You can then click on Help Center.


This will take you to our new Help Center – Once there, you can do things like:

*Only company Named Support Contacts will be able to submit a support ticket.

The Knowledge Base

If you have a question about a Jobvite feature or best practices on using Jobvite, check out our Knowledge Base. Here you will have access to many relevant articles to help you learn and understand your Applicant Tracking System or Recruitment Marketing Platform.


You can search available articles by:

  1. Going to the search bar in the middle of the page


2.  Selecting a category from the top navigation



Accessing Learn at Jobvite

Another way to find training is going to Learn at Jobvite. Here you will have access to 100s of learning courses to help you navigate Jobvite.

You can access Learn at Jobvite in the product by clicking on the graduation cap icon and selecting Learn at Jobvite.

You can also access the Jobvite Help Center by clicking Learn at Jobvite in the top navigation.


How to Submit a Support Ticket

If you find yourself having an issue you can’t find the answer to or can’t solve yourself, you can submit a support ticket. To do so, start by clicking “Submit a Request” in the upper right-hand corner.

Please note: only Named Support Contacts are able to submit support tickets, and therefore see this button. If you are unable to see the button and you are a Named Support Contact, reach out to your account representative (your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager). If you would like to become a Named Support Contact, reach out to your company rep or Jobvite account rep.


Next, you will be taken to a screen to fill out your support request.

  1. First, select your issue type from the dropdown menu and fill out the subject and description with details of the request. Please be as detailed as possible and when applicable, share the web browser used and upload any screenshots.Picture1.png
  2. Next, select the product area that is affected by this issue, business impact (priority),         accept/decline Login As Permission, and add any relevant attachments.
  3. Hit submit.


From here, your ticket will be automatically routed to our support team based on product issue, support agent expertise, and availability. To learn more about our ticket statuses, check out this Jobvite’s Support Ticket Status article.

To check on the status of all support tickets you have submitted, click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner and select “My Activities”


From this screen, you will see all your support requests, as well as requests you have been CC’d on.



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