LinkedIn Premium Job Posting Configuration

Summary - LinkedIn is rolling out an enhanced Job posting experience, which Jobvite will be turning on for all Paid Posting customers. The instructions below show how to configure the new Premium Job Posting experience.


Once Jobvite has enabled the new Premium Job Posting experience, a few additional setup steps will be required.

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Integrations -> LinkedIn.
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the page.



  1. Once in Edit mode, click the ‘Enable’ radio button under ‘Paid Posting’.
  2. Type your LinkedIn CompanyID in the textbox. If you need help finding your LinkedIn CompanyID or ContractID, use the help links in the light blue box.



  1. Click on ‘Configure Paid Posting’ and log into your LinkedIn Recruiter account if necessary
  2. Select the contract that you would like to use for your Paid Posting and click ‘Continue’.



  1. Select a default job poster, and click ‘Confirm’. Note that this job poster must have Premium Job Posting associated with their LinkedIn Recruiter account in order to be selected.




  1. Once you see the success message from LinkedIn, you can click the ‘x’ to close the LinkedIn modal window.




9. Click ‘Save’ in the Jobvite page to save your Premium Job Posting configuration

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